Standup tall …. Or … Fall

Posted: October 5, 2015 in storys


Whats your plan ….

Every body is waiting for you to fail & fall

Every body is expecting you to loose

No body cares if you made it through

Either you fail like they expect you will & make every body happy 

Or .. You fight back & rise up , which will make every body angry & your sworn enemy

Tough choice 

Specially when your sworn enemy is some one close to you 

Even more worse when that some on is one of your own family 

For me … If you ask me , all i can say is :
Search deep inside of your self 

face your worst fears 

 fight back & rise 

doesn’t matter if they like it or not       

What matters is that you do what ever , when ever , how ever , where ever You want 

Not as they want 

Or you just let every thing go , give up & give in
Your choice , or should i say challenge
What ever you decide you will be the one who will live it & go through it all the way , which it might be your life time
I say go for it …. Fight back & rise 

Move on & don’t look back 


Don’t ever regret the moment or the thought , the dream that made you smile , happy
Why should you live in pain & sorrows 

Why you should put up withe there fails & mistakes  

Why should you be the escape goat for them 

To cover up there scandals 

Its time to stand up & fight  

You got your own life to live 

So make every moment counts 

Its never too late to start all over again 

Yes you are too old to start again , but , trust me , its never too late 

All you have to do is believe in your self 

You will make wonders , you wont believe until you try 


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