unfinished story …… Mary in foreign land …. Part 2

Posted: July 15, 2014 in storys

chapter 2 :
the new Life ( Starting Over )


it took her quiet some time to readjust her new life , with the help of her friends
they managed to to get her new job , start all over again
She was doing great , almost forgot what ever happened to her
Till that day
She was on her day off , she went shopping , she was walking at the mall , when she hearted some one calling here name , she looked back to see who’s calling here , she was shocked , surprised ,
It was him , her old boy friend , the sweet talker ,
Hello sweetie … Where have you been , I was looking every where for you , where did you disappear ?
She was still shocked & speechless ,
Can we go some where & talk ? .. he asked
Talk about what … You already said more than enough the last time , what do you want from me …
Look .. I know i made a big mistake when we broke up & let you go
You mean when you humiliate me & kicked me out in the middle of the night
She was nervous & worried about what will happen next , she was defensive
Please give me a chance to explain , lets just go some where & talk , privately
We don’t need to make a scene here , don’t you agree
I know you have every right to be mad & angry
im not mad & angry .. not any more … i got over that long time ago
now if you excuse me … I got better things to do than talking to you & listen to your lies ..
she turns her back & walk away .. he calls her back .. wait .. don’t go … don’t you dare turn your back while im talking to you …
she ignored him .. though she was afraid of what he might do , but she felt safe cause every body was watching & she know he wouldn’t dare to do something to hurt her .. but she was thinking about what will he do next ..
she went back home as fast as she can … she made sure that no one is following her …
the house was empty .. her friends either is working or out some where …
waiting for her friends to come home …she sat in her room thinking & worried …
Afraid of what might happen next , why now !! ? Why he was looking for me now !!!
She got tired of thinking & fall a sleep
Awake by the sound of the door unlocked & open by Her friends who just came back , they were out with some friends , they brought dinner with them
they were surprised to see her home early …
didnt you say you want to go shopping .. they asked
i did … but guess what happen to me … he came to me at the mall .. he wanted to talk to me …
they were surprised .. quiet .. who ?? where ?? when ?? what did you do & say … they started asking here , for a while .. they thought some one hit on her .. but they were shocked when they knew who he was …
im sure it was just a coincidence that he saw me
did he follow you … no he didnt … how do you know …. i made sure that no one is following me
any way tomorrow is another day .. we will see


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