unfinished story …… Mary in foreign land …. Part 1

Posted: July 15, 2014 in storys


chapter 1 :
the beginning

she was in her Mid 20`s when she left her home to work abroad
she wanted to support her family , parents ,sister & her Kid brother
she was afraid when she arrived , being in strange country , strange people , language , every thing is so strange for here , she didn’t know any body ,she was scared at first when she found her self alone for the first time .
but she didn’t mined … she wasn’t thinking about her self … so she didn’t care
as time goes by .. she met some new people from her home land & made new friends , sort of new family
she worked as a sales women in some store … thats when she met him …
fooled by his looks & way he talks she fall in love with him .. she was happy at first …he was every thing that she wished or dreamed of …
he was gentle , kind , loving person …. then he suddenly changed …
she didn’t know why …
till one day .. he came back late at night … he was drunk .. like always .. it wasn’t his first time …
for no reason he started a fight & kicked her out of the house .. ..
( get out bitch .. go back to where you belong .. out in the street .. i dont know what did i see in you … must have been blind … get out & dont ever come back )
not knowing what ever came over him to do that … she sat on the street
didnt where to go
she thought to her self …( he will take me back when he is sober .. that was the alcohol talk .. he didn’t mean what he said … he wasn’t him self … He will take me back ….)
tired ..eyes full of tears … she slept by the door .. waiting for him to take her in again …
next day … she woke up by the sound of the door opening … what are you doing here ..he shout .. didnt i tell you to get lost .. go back where you came from ..& he pushed her away ..
why are you doing this ..? what have i done to deserve this from you ..?? she asked with a tear in her eyes …
what did i do wrong ….???
by the sound of crying & shouting the neighbores came out
to see what ever is going on … they used to hear them fight every now & then , but this was the first time they see them like this
some them was kind to take her in in there house untill they both calm down … or at least untill her man is sober .. they too said he might be still drunk from last night
but he wasn’t drunk ….. when he came back home … she tried to talk to him … he just ignored her & slammed the door .. the neighbors took her back inside again … until she figure out what she will do next
all she could think of is take here things & go …
but the the question was … where to go ?? .. who she calls to help her ….
while she was wondering around , feeling broken , depressed , thinking what she will do , a familiar voice called her , she turned around to see an old friend
hey… what happened to you ? why are you like that ?here friend ask
she told her in a brief about what she went through & got no place to go
come with me .. you can stay with me until we fined some thing for you
her friend took her to her place where she lived with another friend



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