Theories , Self Observation & Study , Human Relations

Posted: July 17, 2013 in storys
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Before :
life was simple , people communicate & care for each other

Now :
life is complicated , people don’t communicate , only if they want some thing
no room for feelings or care for each other for no reason

Wonder :
why , how & when
we became like this
as they may call it material people ( sort of speak )
became so cold in our feelings

Conclusion :
most of our relations if not all of them are based on benefits & self interest
family values , friendship , marriage
are all history …
No room for feelings , Love & affection ..
you can fined those things only in the movies or in some cheap comic book
or some smart ass who is trying to convince you to by or sell or vote for him
ideals & principles are for fools & dreamers who is still believe there is some thing good in this world …like the hippies during the sixties when they called for world peace & harmony and smoking weeds
its a cruel world we live in now , only the strong survive
you must be made of stone , cold hearted


Being optimistic :
Ok … forget every thing I said before
well .. maybe for few first lines
to be honest … i still have faith in human nature … as God said in his holy book
its maybe the surroundings that affect out human emotions .. what ever happen to us through life … from the moment we are born till we die ..
some are good .. some are bad .. life is not perfect .. & defiantly not easy
some times we must control our selves .. Good or Bad don’t show your feelings & emotions
some times you have to be kind & generous some times you have to be ruthless & cruel
Some times …. we are forced to do things wee don’t want to do it
some times we are forced to act or react deferentially for some reason


Last word …
don’t believe y of this … its not necessarily to b true
well .. some points yes… but not all of it … or maybe .. all of it is true … cant tell
True Or False ..
its all up to you …. you can decide …… based on the people you hangout with
& how you live your life in this crazy world …



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