Just Another Hallucination

Posted: July 6, 2013 in thoughts & ideas


no matter how hard you try ..
there are things you cant forget … or forgive
your hearts beats so hard that you feel its going to stop … or burst out of your chest …
is it because of the bad memory & pain
its easy to say … i forget every thing … its time to move on & never look back
but in realty … its really not
yes we do move on … we try to forget …maybe forgive
but we don’t … even if we forgive & forget what others did to us … things wont be the same as before what ever happen ..
even the feelings in our hearts …. wont be the same
we might smile , laugh ….giggle maybe … but it wont be same …
every thing will be deferent …


once you’ve been hurt .. specially when the one who hurt you , try to destroy you are the same ones who you’ve been care about … the same people who used to be your own family ..
in some point along the way .. you stop & wonder … asking yourself ..
Why ..?? what every did you do to them so wrong .. !!
if its some one stranger … maybe you will get over it & forget all about it as time goes by .. but your own family …!!! is it realy true blood is thicker than watter ..!!!


for me .. i tink its hard to belive that .. consedring what i have been through …
maybe some of you might have been through alot .. maybe more than me …
some might have managed to go through … left every thing behined & lived there lives .. some .. well .. its defrent from one to another ..
but the fact is .. we must move on … live our lives .. never think what we shoud have done at that time .. thats all in the past now ..
we must live our lives now .. dont waste your time .. there is sstill alote to live for .. there is still hope things will be better in the future …


  1. hidingangel24 says:

    just able to read the first write-up and i totally agree with every word in it but if you can keep your sadness to yourself it is the best way. I hope I can share what I am still going through every night even ’till these days but i’d rather not…because the world will never understand what is going on in our hearts. Whatever sadness and pain you may be going through… it is really better to keep it within yourself or only between you and God. That way… your heart will always be guarded and kept safe.


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