What Every Body Thinks …. !!!!

Posted: May 17, 2013 in thoughts & ideas


Every body thinks they know me …. !
Understand me ………!!
Know what is good for me ….. !!!????
But They are wrong
No body knows me
No body understand me
I’m Old & Good enough to know what is good & what is bad for me
I might ask you for advice … but thats it …
don’t try to put your self in my shoes … it wont fit
why don’t they try live my life if they think they know what is best for me
Or they just want to control me
Slave me maybe !
Hummm , slave me !!!
Yep , thats it
They just want slave me
Live my life the way they want
Not how i want
& they are wrong again
They will never ever slave me
Not even in there wildest dreams
I was borne free & i will live my life the way i want it free
& No Body In this Life or i the other life can change that



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