just some Hallucination

Posted: March 26, 2013 in storys

the brain is very tricky … some times it leads you to Hallucinate about some thing that is not really there ,
well here some thing i did …

When i saw my self ignored
I picked up what is left & walked out the door
Never ever forced my self when im not wanted any more
its better for me to live alone than to be among the crowd that doesn’t want me
its true the lonely die slowly but I’m sure i will die faster if i lived among you
so tell me what or which is better …
i have lived more than enough with my pain & sorrows …
& im sure i don’t need more

so tell me …
what do think, its really painful when people want you for what you have not for what you are
again , its true every body need some thing or some one , but do we have hurt each other for that , play games & manipulate there feelings
we all made of flesh & blood, we all do have feelings
we all have our own thoughts & ideas
why don’t we respect each other feelings
what makes you so special that you think the whole world revolve around you ???



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