my birthday

Posted: March 23, 2013 in thoughts & ideas


Today is supposed to be my birthday & my freedom day
The day that was born & the day i came back from the P O W prison
Like every year , i write down what i have done in my past year of life
What i have accomplished & what i have failed to do
My dreams & my night mares
I remembar what i have done , what am i doing , where i am going & about to do in the future
The friends who stod by me & helped
The one who betrayed me & staped me in the back
The one who didnt do any thing but watched me fall
Set anew plan & new goals to achieve
Or maybe just live the moment day by day
tell me what do you think & say about all this
got any ideas or advice you want to tell me
maybe i wont do what ever you suggest or may be i will take half of it if not all of it …..


but i will open my ears for what ever you have to tell & share with me
in the end … thank you all for being part of my life … my friends , my enemies
thank you
mkalmatrouk …:)



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