How You Sleep At Night

Posted: March 3, 2013 in thoughts & ideas


have you ever had sleepless nights
dreamless nights
breathless nights
you lay your head on the pillow
so tiered after a hard working day
wishing your self a nice sweet dreams
but all you get is some bad dreams & nightmares
or maybe you wish your self too much
even in your wildest dreams you cant deliver
is it bad to have high hopes & great dreams
or , maybe there is some thing wrong & you feel guilty about it
that you see it in your dreams
or maybe there are some dark forces working against you even in your dreams . ( Get Real )


my guess is you worry too much in your dreams as in reality
afraid to fail , afraid to face your fears in reality , as well as in your dreams
black voodoo , dark forces …. what ever you may call it , leave them for the fiction story tellers , or some fantasy Tv show
this what you should do every night before you go to bed
take a warm shower or cold one what ever pleases you
relax your self
clear your head from every thought & problem you had during your day
say your prayers
lay your head on your pillow & think
convince your self & believe in it
tomorrow will be better day , tomorrow is another day

tell me if thats works good & let me know about it …



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