The Perfume … By Ellie Rose

Posted: February 27, 2013 in thoughts & ideas


The Perfume
By Ellie Rose

I have this bottle of perfume that was given to me as a child by some one who no longer wanted it because it was old & unfashionable .
At first , I did not even know if I liked it , I sniffed at it with suspicion , applied it tentatively to my wrists ; at one point I locked it away in my closet , because it smelled like this person and I wanted my own perfume , not some discarded ,half used bottle from somebody else.
My sister had gotten something new , so why was I cursed with this old , unwanted things ? !
As the years passed , I reopened this bottle as a teenager , sniffed it again and thought I might give it a chance after all . it was kind of vintage , sort of cool in a unique , original sort of way that made me smell different from others from my age . I took it with me on my travels , stuffed it into my scruffy backpack and wore it during my most memorable moments ; it made me think of adventure , reminded me of the open road , of love and excitement , of beautiful places and things I wanted most
The person who had given this perfume to me saw me when I was about twenty and said with a smile : “ Ah , you smell like my past “
Eventually , I forced my self to grow up . I stopped traveling and took up studies at university . the few drops of perfume I had left were retired to the closet . I stopped thinking I could follow rainbows or find mythical creatures if I only went far enough , I stopped roaming . I settled down .
I read that perfume was no longer being produced . they stopped making it , mine now one of the last .
And then , one day , the person who had given it to me died
On that day , I opened the closet and looked inside . there it was – that familiar bottle , with its faded label and scratched glass . I took it into my hands , lifted the cap and held it to my nose .
I smelled that person , my bottled my hopes and dreams.
And thought : “ you smell like my past “



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