what did Jesus said …..

Posted: February 6, 2013 in thoughts & ideas


jesus said
do not judge or you will be judged
most of us judge others by the way look or how they talk without giving them the chance to explain them selves or there thoughts
dont expect people to respect you or york thoughts if you don’t do the same to them
ok , so you don’t like them
don’t like them for there looks , the way they act , there thoughts
but , that dosent give you the right to treat them a & judge them … before you know them
either because of there race , religion , there way of life
people are deferent i at same house that you live in
brothers & sisters are deferent of there way of life & there thoughts
good or bad
each one of us have his own way of thinking , living
ideas & thoughts
what are you going to do ??
force them to live & think your way ???
what if you were wrong , they were right
have you ever thought about that ????



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