Akele Tanha …. walk alone

Posted: August 11, 2010 in thoughts & ideas

walk alone

We watch as our lives pass us by

the never ending pain of loss

hidden faces among what we call us

our souls filled with hatred and sadness

nothing ever goes our way

we walk alone through this cold life

no turning back

all we can ask for is hope

our hearts are dark torture

lifeless feelings living deep inside of us

what we look for is no where to be found

time wasted that is all there is

nothing can save us

we walk through a dark valley

no future for me no future for anyone

no prediction no guessing no hope

we don’t see anything

we don’t feel

our blood turns into ice

pain so flawless makes the shadows come alive

no point in crying out

there is no one to help us

we walk alone, by ourselves

we wish the end

finding a way out but it’s not there

all we can do is wait

wait for it to come

take a risk, take a chance

we walk alone


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