Asun A said …..

Posted: March 27, 2010 in thoughts & ideas

.. If you need me, whistle, count to three .., look at your hand and there I will be

Take care my friends :-)) .., Asun

I watch you for days

And I counted on the fingers

how many times have you laughed

has earned me a hand.

I look for days

I know you keep in there

judging by what I see

nothing good, nothing good.

What are you afraid

to laugh and to mourn later

break the ice
covering your silence
Loosen up already and tell me
we are here for that
for good and for bad
cry now and laugh later

if I run, you grab me by the neck
and if not listening, shout!
I tend to grab your hand around the arm,
and if you want more then scream!
Some time ago someone told me
which was the best remedy
when for no reason
the world are you going to the ground
And if you want I’ll explain
that is the mystery
there’s no heaven, sea or land
that life is a dream


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