Starting Over …..

Posted: March 24, 2010 in thoughts & ideas

Starting over

It’s anew year, new start

Time to let go the past & move on with my future

What ever happened in the past doesn’t mater any more

I’m going to fined new gales, objectives, dreams for my self

Well . . . come o think of it again …. Maybe I should forget the dreaming part

Stick to realty & deal with it

There is no point of dreaming about some thing I will never have

So, this is what I’m going to do

Look at the past… see what what went wrong… maybe I can fix it or I should let it go what ever that is

Set new objectives for the future

Don’t mix dreams with realty

New rules has to be set

Its cruel world, better watch out

Don’t let go with your feelings

Don’t trust any one around you

Know your friends … be ware of them

Know your enemies … if there is any

We are all enemies of our selves

As I see it

I can trust my enemy … its friends that I should worry about


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