The Living Dead

Posted: January 17, 2010 in thoughts & ideas

Your heart is turned to stone

You can’t feel anything around you

Your eyes are blind you can’t see any thing

How did I became like this you wonder

Your thoughts are running fast

You start to remember the days when you used to feel every thing

Your eyes can see the beauty of the world around you

Your heart beats can be heard and opened for any thing

Now all is gone …..

You feel cold though it’s hot

Are you dead..???

No … you are still alive but more like living dead

You still ask yourself why??

Confused … lost …

You start to feel helpless and hopeless


Is it because what you have been through …!!!

You start to blame yourself for what you have became to

Your heart is filled with anger

Are you angry for what is around you??

Or angry at yourself for what you became to

Questions … unanswered …

Or you can’t find the answers

Its cruel world … is that what you think..??

Or that’s how you feel …???


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