When the wrong one loves you right ..??

Posted: January 5, 2010 in thoughts & ideas

It’s just a thought…

What will you do …??

When the wrong one loves you right …!!!

I was on my way… going some where … when?

Or coming back from some place…

When I heard this song for celin dion

It got me really thinking …

We all had our share… living some sort of love

Like when you had the crush on your school teacher

Or the girl next door… or maybe some one with in the family like your cosine

Some made it through, got married, some didn’t

Changed there heart maybe or had a second thought

But have you ever thought that the one you love wasn’t the one mint to be yours

Have you ever thought … that there is some one , some where you didn’t notice or know about is the one who loves you right ….. Or for some reason, you didn’t get the chance to tell or make your move, or maybe you got to late … to tell them how you feel

I can think & ask a lot of questions …

But will I ever fined the right answer..??

Well … it’s just a thought … I might be right, I might be wrong

But life goes on … what ever happened in the past, doesn’t matter any more

We can’t change it, but we can learn from it …


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