Wishing … Looking …. Hoping

Posted: January 1, 2010 in thoughts & ideas

Looking for hope in hopeless world

Searching for love in such hateful time

Always confuse … don’t know what to do

How did we become like this..? When did we become like this …???

We live just to live … we don’t care about any thing but our selves

Every thing we do … is ok… as long as it doesn’t back fires on us

But the problem is … do we do those things because we want to do it …?? Or because some body wants us to do it..?? Or because every body is doing it… why shouldn’t I do it like every body else …???

Confused …?? I know you are

We are stuck in the middle of the road … we can’t go forward… because we are stuck by our pass

We plan for the future …yet… we still live in our past

People… wake up … the past is gone … tomorrow may not come …

Plane for it, dream about it … but live your life like you want to … not like some body tells you

You may or may not … ask for guiedenss … but you are not obligated to do so

Only if you are convened to do so

Still confused..?? Lost may be …??

I know you are …

You always blame others for your mistakes … but never admit that they were yours

Life is not that good or that bad … search inside you … you will fined every thing you need

Be pleased … you have done some thing … no one did before … most like likely they will do as good as you did … or maybe better

Don’t feel jealous … well… maybe little … to keep you going to do some thing much better than before

Don’t force every one around you… to think, feel, do, the things you want, don’t hate them… just because they don’t agree with you, or just because they are deferent

Learn to live in harmony with your self … then you will fined peace

Definitely … you are lost … or you think you are …

Search deep inside you … feel the words, don’t just read them … you will know and understand what I’m talking about

Looking forward … wishing you happy new blessed year

Full of hope, love, prosperity, and lots of dreams to come true J

Welcome to 2010


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